Tridel Corporation

Tridel Corporation

Asset Management

Tridel Corporation is a private company, structured to supply asset management for the Tridel Group of Companies.

The objective is to be creative, listen, approve objectives, provide support, experience, guidance, and mentoring to the managements of the various companies within the Tridel Group.

For more information about Tridel Corporation, including asset management, please contact Andrea DelZotto.

Management Team:

Andrea DelZotto

Andrew DelZotto

Doug DeGuerre
Executive Vice President, Finance

Roy Berman
Executive Vice President, Investments

Dino Carmel
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Deltera Inc.

Jim Ritchie
Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Greg Nevison
Executive Vice President, Construction

Tridel Corporation

Contact information:

4800 Dufferin Street, Entrance B
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 5S9